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why do i not have a pairing icon for this yet

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Aug. 27th, 2010 | 07:59 pm

I fucking love being in a fandom where I actually get all the fic I want for my pairings. I don't care that half the fic in it is for a pairing I hate, or that a lot of the fic for my pairings is prettytentious, because enough good shit gets put out and prettytentious doesn't mean bad, just means a particular style that isn't my favorite. (Actually, I do care a little in a tsundere way, but nothing's perfect and this is less not perfect than most things.)

But I especially don't care because this fusion exists. (all you need to know about Soul Eater is "some people can turn into magical weapons")

It perverts the entire point of the show it's set in while still somehow to perfectly fit into the universe, which is totally sick and I love it. I'm like in literal fandom nirvana I can't even.

i just i can't even rn

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